Sunday, October 5, 2008


Coba buka ini

At the Fantasea Dolphin Aquarium, Lily, a 17 year-old Indo Pacific bottle nose dolphin may be pregnant. The signs are there, she has a bigger stomach and swims with less vitality and the lab says her progesterone levels are up as well.
[Yus Anggoro, Resort Medical Team]:“If we talk about pregnancy, usually the progesterone hormone will increase. Increase and hold at a high level to keep the pregnancy condition. We have already taken a blood sample three times."
But Lily seems oblivious to all the fuss.
[Yus Anggoro, Resort Medical Team]:“She's been living here for a long time, always surrounded by people, so she doesn't suffer from stress or fear when people are near."
Aquarium visitors are keenly interested in the whole process and the education team displays lots of information.
[Restuning Dyah W, Resort Education Team]: “We want to give conservation messages, but we pack it in a fun way so it's easy to understand. Visitors easily learn from what they see and read. For example, they can see how the dolphin looks while pregnant.”
[Evi, Visitor]:“Yes, I enjoy this place, it’s also become a place to study for me and my little brother and sister.”
The medical team thinks Lily will become a mum early in 2009 after a 12 month pregnancy.
NTD, Jakarta, Indonesia.
YEA. yus anggoro is my brother yang kerja di gelanggang samudra ancol. wah hebat euy masuk berita! selamat melahirkan lily,,, nampaknya kehamilan lumba2 memang adalah suatu fenomena yang ruarrr biasa...


ri2h said...

waa congrats yaw...i luv dolphin euy...moga2 bisa mlahirkan dngan slamat de hihihi...

Farrah said...

ahhaa iya. ikut deg2an juga.. hahaaf

rifky said...

hmmm spertiny mmg berita lumba2.. mo melahirkan gempar bener y...

owh iy tadi ndak sengaja nemu video shootingny pas interview, wah bisa jd arits nih kkmu, hehehehe

nb: nih link videony

Farrah said...

hwoooaaa makasiiii rif! ahahhaa kakakkuuuu